Photography Club of Bayfield

​The PCoB began in late 2011 when a small group of photographers took the initiative to form a photo club. The purpose of the club was to invite photographers of all experience levels in the Bayfield and surrounding area to share, learn and develop photographic skills. At the meetings, we combine a mix of "learning" (on topics of interest decided upon by our members - that are presented by both members and guest experts) and "sharing" (of results from photo challenges). Outside of our monthly meetings, we hold regular group photo outings and facilitate access for members to a variety of exhibitions and educational courses/workshops.


The Club now has approximately 35 active members and is a member of both SWOPA (Southwestern Ontario Photographers’ Association) and CAPA (Canadian Association for Photographic Art).


The Club provides an informal, friendly and supportive environment for photographers with interesting all types of photographic imagery. It aims to promote an increased awareness and interest in photography throughout the community through its active involvement in projects with local organizations and through the promotion of public exhibitions, events and educational opportunities. 


As part of our community activities, our Club provides the photographs that make up the Bayfield Calendar in conjunction with the Bayfield and area Chamber of Commerce and we have also worked with the Bayfield River Valley Trail Association (BRVTA), Bayfield Historical Society (BHS), the Bayfield Town Hall Heritage Society, the Huron County Planning & Development department, Bayfield Agricultural Society, Bayfield Optimists and other local organizations.​

Feb. 3rd, 2022
Wayne Fisher
Architecture & Minimalism


From an early age photography has always been a passion of mine .The creative process was intriguing to me as well as the power to capture a moment in time. Photography was more than black and white, it was being able to see in colour. We have a responsibility in this world to record and expose the beauty as it is. Photography has evolved but will always remain pure in my heart .My journey began in South Africa and through the lens I saw a divided nation. Behind the glass Photojournalism was a vehicle to the struggle. Acquiring a National Diploma in Photography [Pretoria, South Africa ] , a brighter future was seen in the viewfinder in Canada's uninterrupted beauty of a nation of Canada where I continue to be inspired to create.


Member of Team Canada World Photographic Cup 2020

Mar. 3rd, 2022
Stuart Heggie
Astro Photography

Who I am and how I got into this hobby and how I got into this:

Undergrad in Astro-Physics U of T

Avid photographer since childhood

Bought my first telescopes at ~ 36 yrs (Meade 2120 SCT; SPC102)

Built my first observatory ~ 2002 near Flesherton, Ontario

Built my second observatory ~ 2013 at our farm in Lucknow

Built my third observatory next to that one ~ 2015

Sought counselling


April 7th, 2022
Peter Baumgarten
By Path or Paddle

The great outdoors offers some amazing photo opportunities. Paddle and hike along with Peter Baumgarten, Olympus Visionary as he discusses the challenges and joys of outdoor photography, including tips and techniques to improve your landscape and wildlife photography.


May 5th, 2022
Andrew McLachlan


June 2nd, 2022

Gary Lloyd Reese

Photography 101 ½  – “Beyond the exposure triangle”

Why is the difference between f/8 and f/11 - 1 stop?

What is hyperfocal distance and how do I use it?

How do I use the “Sunny f/16” and “Looney f/11” rules?

Why should I look at the histogram?

What does the Exposure Compensation button do?

This presentation will provide the answers as we take both a refresher and a deeper dive into the exposure triangle - including tips and techniques learnt over many years of making images.


June 7th, 2022
Dave Sanford


For much of his career (23 years) he has primarily covered professional sports. During that time, he worked extensively with the NHL, NBA and Hockey Hall of Fame. He is proud to have covered 22 Stanley Cup Championships, 9 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships, 2 Winter Olympics, Super Bowl XL, NBA and MLB playoffs, as well as numerous All-Star Games for NHL, NBA and MLB. What you may not know about him is that his passion for photography was born from a love of nature and wildlife. His earliest attempts at photography, as a child and into my teen years, were of birds, critters and beautiful Canadian landscapes captured in a ravine just down the road from home as well as Buckhorn Lake in the Kawartha's where I have spent most my summer days. He has been able to photograph far beyond Canada’s borders from the frozen tundra of the Arctic to the warm waters of the South Pacific capturing diverse wildlife such as bears, whales and sharks to name a few. Over the past 6 years, his nature photography has taken me into the frigid waters of Lake Erie to the surf breaks off the southeast coast of Australia and the polar ice caps of the Arctic and Antarctica.