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Meetings and Events

Bolded dates are Club Meetings


Date                   Presenter                        Topic or Event

January 5

Lisa Cuchura

Create Fine Art Photographs from Historic Places

and Rusty Things

January 14/snow date Jan 21

Lights On Stratford

February 2

Conrad Kuiper

To be announced

February 11 or 18

Bayfield Winter Walk

March 2

Evelyn Buchner

Creative Floral Photography

March 25 

In person Tech Help Day at the Lions Club 9:30 a.m. or whenever you can get there. Bring your questions, laptop or computer. The last part of the meeting will be an opportunity to photograph smoke. If there is interest, we can have lunch and go for  photo walk around Bayfleld. 

April 6

Sarah Rupert

Pelee National Park Birds and Wildlife

April 28 - April 30

Camping/Hotel at Wheatley - Pelee National Park on April 29

May 4

Curtis Jones



Butterfly Conservatory / St. Jacob's Trip


May 21

 Morrison Dam near Exeter, photo walk

June 1

Christine Croucher

Long Exposure

June 10                       

Owen Sound Waterfalls Trip   email us if you are interested. Some are camping, some are staying at a hotel. We have an agenda you can follow along. 

July 6

Duade Paton

To be announced

July 8

Saturday Help Session

Shoot, Show, Share session

August 12

Paddle & Plod at Lake Wawanosh

August 3

Linda Rutenberg

In the Garden at Night

September 7

Twenty Minute Trio

Bird Feeder Setup / Abstract / ICM

Sandra Billson / Linda LeBel / Laura Gedies

September 29 & 30

October 5

Wayne Simpson

Soulful Portraits


Winery "Behind the Scenes" Tour

October 14

Hullett Swamp Stomp early morning for sunrise

November 2

Peter Baumgarten

To be announced

December 7

Richard Beland

B&W Conversion and Printing

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