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Registration not complete until workshop choices
and payment are received. 
$25 - open to the public
    (included in pricing if registering for        Friday evening and Saturday events)
Robert Burley 
Robert will discuss his lifetime’s work, and how the medium of photography has been affected by radical changes in the 21st century. He will address the unique character of photography as tool that can be used for self-expression as well as documentation and public advocacy. Robert will present recent landscape projects that explore society’s renegotiation with the natural world and how our interconnected ecosystems are affected by the challenges of climate change, mass urbanization and environmental degradation.
LOCATION: Bayfield Community Centre: upstairs

Andrew McLachlan 
Andrew’s presentation will focus on his macro techniques for photographing flowers and insects. He will be discussing various bits of photographic gear for macro purposes as well as making homemade flash diffusers and others available for purchase from various outlets. Andrew will also be highlighting inexpensive options to take your macro images beyond life-size all the way up to 4X magnification. Andrew will also share his field techniques to achieve sharp focus on a consistent basis. After the presentation join Andrew at the workshop to experiment with these newly learned tips and techniques on flowers and preserved insects. Andrew presentation and workshop will give you the know-how and prepare you for exploring the genre of macro photography for years to come.
LOCATION: Bayfield Community Centre: upstairs 

Workshop 1:
Andrew McLachlan - Macro Photography and Insects 

Andrew’s presentation will focus on his macro techniques for photographing insects. He will also share his field techniques to achieve sharp focus on a consistent basis as noted in his morning seminar. Experiment with these newly learned tips and techniques on preserved insects.
LOCATION: Lions Building - Bayfield

Workshop 2:
Conrad Kuiper - Kickstart Your Creative Eye

Digital photography has made it easy and quick to take a large number of images. Unfortunately, this can also make us lazy and even impatient, leading us to move too quickly through our surroundings, and also often causing us to prefer to "fix it in post". Conrad's session will help participants to compose more carefully and deliberately by offering strategies to "see with purpose". He will emphasize techniques to slow down, "read" a scene, and to give more thought to composition. The same strategies will also lead to a deeper appreciation of the world around us. After the opening presentation and instructions, participants will have the opportunity to put the ideas into practice at the Bayfield River Flats. Here, there will be possibilities for landscape, bird, insect, wildflower, and macro photography.
 Bayfield River Flats - Bayfield

Workshop 3:
Elizabeth van den Broeck - Post Processing & Printing
Take digital files from your computer to your walls. Elizabeth will present ideas on how to take your digital photos from your computer to printed and on your wall. She will encourage participants to showcase their photos by introducing some of the unique ways to print photos rather than just the standard format and basic framing.
LOCATION: Elizabeth's Art Gallery - Goderich

Andrew McLachlan - Macro Photography and Flowers

Andrew’s workshop will focus on his macro techniques for photographing flowers as presented at the Saturday morning talk. He will also share his field techniques to achieve sharp focus on a consistent basis. Experiment with these newly learned tips and techniques in Jim Beattie's lovely flower garden.
LOCATION: Lions Building - Bayfield start

Debra Friedman - Portrait Photography 

Debra will discuss approaches and strategies for creating photographic portraits that go beyond the everyday. The workshop will start with a brief introduction of Debra's work which will include a discussion of how she engages with her subjects, her use of light, and some camera techniques specific to the portrait. Participants will look at elements and attitudes of the photographic portrait including posture, gesture, costume, expression, composition, and the quality of light. The lion’s share of the workshop will involve participants creating, showing, and discussing portraits they produce.
LOCATION: Lions Building - Bayfield

B.D. Colen - Photography in the Public Space

Whether you are an accomplished street photographer, or have never photographed a stranger without asking permission - and wonder what that might be like, B.D. Colen’s workshop, Documenting Lives Lived In Public, is for you. B.D. will begin with a brief lecture and introduction to some of the great street photographers - discussing your rights as a photographer, the ethics of photographing in public, what you shouldn’t shoot, and how to photograph discretely in public. (It’s worth noting that over the course of 13 years photographing strangers in Boston’s subway system, B.D. was only confronted by someone once.) Following the brief lecture period, B.D. will take you into the main square of Goderich to document life lived in public there.
LOCATION: Goderich Library start - Goderich

Stuart Heggie - Astrophotography 
With a life-long love of photography and a degree in Astrophysics, Stuart will guide you through the night sky. His enthusiasm for skyscapes, night sky photos, will be shared at this bonus workshop giving participants a chance to see the night sky in an amazing new light. Bring your camera and a tripod. 
If weather conditions are not favourable, this workshop will move to the Lions building.  

LOCATION: Windmill on Bayfield River Road  -  7:00 pm start
SATURDAY AFTERNOON - workshops limited to 15 persons
   choice of 1 of 3 workshops available - 1:00 pm start   (90 min duration)
choice of 1 of 3 workshops available - 3:00 pm start   (90 min duration)
$95 - for FFF Saturday ONLY (morning speaker and choice of 1 - 1pm and 1 - 3 pm workshop & bonus evening event 
$110 - for Friday evening keynote speaker & all of Saturdays events 
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