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and payment are received. 
$30 - open to the public
    (included in pricing if registering for        Friday evening and Saturday events)
Kyle Blaney - Tales of a Canadian Explorer
Kyle shares his favourite nature images and the stories that led to their capture. Kyle has travelled extensively for work and play in every Canadian province and territory. Kyle’s recent vacations are based on his unique goal of identifying 50 bird species in every Canadian region. Kyle will discuss why he loves birds and birdwatching and how pursuing birding goals has helped him appreciate Canada’s varied and magnificent wilderness.

LOCATION: Bayfield Community Centre: upstairs

Workshop 1:
Don Johnston - Travelling Canada With Your Camera

Don has travelled and photographed through all of Canada's provinces and territories. His workshop will cover some of the joys and challenges of photographing landscapes and wildlife while on the road. Currently, he favours camping with his trailer thus having a 'home base' from which he can venture out on drives and walks. Johnston will present photos and discuss how he handles wildlife encounters, challenges with weather and light, gear, best places, and times for travel photography. Don will also share his editing routines. His mantra is 'photography trumps everything'.   
website       Facebook: 

Bayfield Lions Building

Workshop 2:
Vanessa Dewson - Travel Photography Tips & Tricks

Are you going on a trip (or dreaming about travelling) and want to know how to come home with stunning photos? Learn tips and tricks to make your travel photos stand out, as well as packing tips, the best gear (hint: leave your heavy, expensive lenses at home) and best practices to respect the land, wildlife and people you are visiting. 

LOCATION: Bayfield Lions Building and village walkabout

Workshop 3:
Kyle Blaney - Travel Doesn't Have to be Far:
                      Nature Photography Close to Home
Visit a nearby natural spot and learn how to photography scenes and living things with Kyle. Kyle will discuss how photographer intent impacts aperture and shutter speed and other techniques that lead to better images of animals big and small. Participants will put these lessons to immediate use in the field and will have one-on-one time with Kyle to ask questions about gear, camera settings and other topics. 

LOCATION: Bayfield River Flats

Vanessa Dewson - Creative Camera Techniques

Tired of boring travel shots? Try some creative camera techniques with Vanessa and make your travel photos unique! Learn to make creative images with out Photoshop! We will explore intentional camera movement (ICM) techniques, as well as the use of accessories like crystals, gels and reflections that can give interesting results when playing with light. 

LOCATION: Bayfield Lions Building and village walkabout

Don Johnston - Travel to Hullett 

Travel to the Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area to explore the wonders of nature with Don. Find beautiful vistas and wildlife to photograph with Don's tips and tricks. Ask questions and learn how to capture amazing photographs. As a teacher and experienced professional photographer, Don will bring his teaching talents to assist individual participants with composition and managing technical issues in the field. He will help, where necessary by critiquing the image in camera, offering tips on composition and managing the light. Don will bring his unique method of seeing nature for the purpose of recognizing and composing the strongest possible photographs.
website       Facebook: 

LOCATION: Hullett Provincial Wildlife Area - Sanctuary Line

Stuart Heggie - Travel: to the Stars and Beyond - Night Sky Astrophotography

Stuart will focus on widefield astrophotography. He will discuss suitable equipment, camera settings, planning software and basic processing. Stuart will share examples of his photos. 

LOCATION: Bayfield Lions Building

Stuart Heggie - Night Sky Photography
Weather permitting, we will explore the night skies using the techniques that Stuart taught in the Saturday afternoon workshop. Stuart will be on hand to guide us through the hands on portion of "Travelling to the Stars and Beyond." You will still learn from this workshop even if you didn’t sign up for the afternoon one. Bring your camera and a tripod. 

LOCATION: Windmill on Bayfield River Road  -  7:00 pm start
SATURDAY MORNING - workshops limited to 15 persons
   choice of 1 of 3 workshops available - 9:30 am start   (90 min duration)
$120 - for FFF Saturday ONLY  (choice of 1 - 9:30 am and 1 - 2:00 pm
                                                        workshop & bonus evening event) 
$150 - for Friday evening keynote speaker & all of Saturdays events 
SATURDAY AFTERNOON - workshops limited to 15 persons
   choice of 1 of 3 workshops available - 2:00 pm start   (90 min duration)
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